Green Card Approval in 4 Months!

We are thrilled to celebrate the recent green card approval for one of the firm’s clients.  The application was approved in only 4 months from the date of submission! Satisfied with the documents submitted, USCIS chose to waive the adjustment of status interview and approve the green card.  Of note, the average processing time for this type of application is listed as 17 months from the date of submission.

Our client is a citizen of the United Kingdom who was sponsored by his U.S. citizen wife. He initially entered the U.S. using the Visa Waiver Program, which typically prohibits applicants from extending or changing their status after entry. After an initial consultation, the firm proceeded with applying for the immigrant petition, adjustment of status application, application for travel authorization, and application for employment authorization. The client was eligible for adjustment of status as he is the spouse of a U.S. citizen.

Our team’s approach to every case is to provide a strong application from the start. Our signature process includes conducting a client intake with both the Petitioner and the Beneficiary, providing a list of required documents—including those relating to a bona fide marriage and financial documents—reviewing each document to ensure consistency with the government’s requirements, several levels of paralegal and attorney review, client approval before submission, and weekly checks on case status. Our thorough approach and comprehensive application helped make a compelling case and alleviated potential concerns about the legitimacy of the marriage, leading USCIS to waive the typical adjustment of status interview and approve the application!


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We understand that the green card process can be stressful and overwhelming for clients, which is  why we prioritize clear communication, personalized guidance, and proactive problem-solving.  We are thrilled to celebrate this win for our client, his family, and our firm! 

Whether you are beginning the green card process or facing challenges with your immigration status, our team is here every step of the way to guide you. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your immigration goals. 

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