How Does a Family-Based Green Card Through Adjustment of Status Work?


The family-based green card process starts by filing Form I-130.  U.S. citizens and green card holders can sponsor their family members.  U.S. citizens may sponsor parents, siblings, married and unmarried children, and their spouse.  Green card holders can sponsor their spouse and unmarried children.  

You may be able to file your form I-485 (adjustment of status application) at the same time as the I-130 petition if a visa is available for you.  In all cases, the beneficiary must be in the U.S. and must have entered legally.  If you are not eligible to file an adjustment of status application, you will need to wait for your priority date to become current or consular process the application. Requirements to qualify for a green card under Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing are the same.  However, the process and timing can vary.


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We would highly recommend consulting with an experienced immigration attorney when deciding to apply for permanent residence.  

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