Successful Fundraiser for Just Neighbors

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, Pratibha Agarwal, Principal Shareholder, hosted a successful fundraiser at her home for Just Neighbors, a nonprofit organization providing free immigration legal services to low-income residents throughout northern Virginia.  Attendees included attorneys from various law firms throughout the DC metro area, members of the World Bank Group, the Federal Government, PwC and other private and public sector employees.  Pratibha Agarwal serves on the board of Just Neighbors and hosted the event to raise awareness of the important work completed by the organization.

As many of Agarwal Law Group’s clients require business immigration services, the firm’s association with Just Neighbors provides an opportunity to give back to our region and the community overall.  In the coming months, Agarwal Law Group will partner with Just Neighbors to provide reduced fee services for humanitarian visas for victims of crime and domestic violence.  Agarwal  Law Group believes in the importance of access to legal services for the most vulnerable in our community and will work with Just Neighbors to assist low-income immigrants in need.

For more information on donating to or volunteering with Just Neighbors please visit:

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