Thank You, Michelle!


It is with mixed emotions that we announce our Paralegal, Michelle, will be leaving our firm, with her last day being May 31st, 2024. She has been an essential part of our team for three years, joining us right after graduating from the University of Michigan. As she prepares to pursue her law degree, we recognize the significant contributions she has made to both our clients and our firm.

Michelle has consistently shown empathy and support for our clients since her first day with us. She has a deep understanding of the emotional and legal challenges involved in the immigration process, and her ability to connect with clients personally has been invaluable in providing them with reassurance and guidance during difficult times. Her commitment to ensuring that every client feels heard and supported is distinguished in her role. She has handled each case with care, ensuring our clients receive the support and representation they deserve. Michelle’s contributions have strengthened our operations and improved the experiences of our clients.


Atty. Michelle


Michelle’s choice to pursue law school reflects her dedication to justice and her ambition to have a more profound influence in the legal realm. We believe she will thrive in her studies and maintain her dedicated advocacy for those requiring assistance. Her journey from the University of Michigan to our firm, and now to law school, showcases her commitment and professional development.

As she begins this new chapter, we extend our sincere gratitude for her service and wish her the best in her academic pursuits. While we will miss her presence at the firm, we are confident she will continue to inspire and succeed in her future career. Thank you, Michelle, for your empathy, support, and dedication. Good luck in law school—we look forward to seeing you achieve your goals.


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