Path to Green Cards – Celebrating Multiple VAWA Approvals

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news of not one, but FOUR recent Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) approvals for our clients! These recent VAWA approvals mark a significant turning point in their lives, granting them permission to be legally present in the U.S., to have work authorization indefinitely, and to qualify for a green card.


Atty Pratibha Agarwal with an approved USCIS-I-360 form

As we celebrate these triumphs, we eagerly anticipate the next phase in their immigration journey: securing green cards. All four cases are unique in that there was no physical abuse in the marriage. VAWA based on an abusive marriage requires (1) marriage to a U.S. citizen or green card holder; (2) cohabitation during the marriage; (3) a marriage for the purpose of starting a life together (i.e., a bona fide marriage); and (4) abuse in the marriage. Many immigration practitioners will file VAWA cases only when there is evidence of physical abuse. However, our firm has been successful in arguing that emotional, psychological, verbal, financial, and other types of abuse can be equally harmful and can serve as evidence of the extreme cruelty required for VAWA approval.

The pending green card applications symbolize more than just legal status; they promise a secure and stable future for our clients and their families. Our team is diligently working to guide them through the final steps of the process, offering unwavering support. We understand the profound impact that obtaining a green card can have on the lives of our clients, providing them with the opportunity to rebuild, thrive, and contribute to their communities.


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As we celebrate these recent VAWA approvals and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming green card success, we reaffirm our commitment to providing empathetic and comprehensive legal services to those seeking a new beginning in the United States. If you or someone you know is on a similar journey, please do not hesitate to reach out— together, we can navigate the path toward a brighter future.

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