Will I Get Deported if My VAWA Case Got Denied?



Facing a denied Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) case can be a daunting prospect for survivors of domestic violence, raising concerns about potential deportation and the future of their immigration status. At our immigration firm, we understand the gravity of this situation and aim to provide clarity and guidance to our clients navigating these challenging circumstances.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that a denied VAWA case does not automatically result in deportation. While the denial may present setbacks and uncertainties, it does not necessarily signify the end of the road for individuals seeking relief under VAWA. Instead, it underscores the importance of exploring alternative legal options and pursuing avenues for appeal or reconsideration.


In cases where a VAWA petition is denied, individuals may have the opportunity to appeal the decision or submit a motion to reopen or reconsider the case. These options allow for a thorough review of the evidence and arguments presented, potentially leading to a reversal of the initial denial. Additionally, survivors may explore other forms of relief, such as asylum, U-visas, or cancellation of removal, depending on their individual circumstances.


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While the denial of a VAWA case may raise concerns about deportation, it’s essential to remember that there are avenues for recourse and opportunities to explore alternative forms of relief. Unlike other applications (i.e. asylum) that may result in cases being referred to immigration court; VAWAs are not currently automatically referred to immigration court if they are not approved.  By working closely with knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys, individuals can navigate the complexities of the immigration system with confidence and resilience, ultimately securing the safety and stability they deserve in the United States.



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